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She will not wear a hat or sunglasses

my daughter is 15 months old & loves to go outside but she will not wear a hat or sunglasses, if i put one on her, she pulls them off & just screams, i put sunscreen on her but i know thats not enough, how do i get her to wear a hat & sunglasses without her get upset? i don`t want her to be inside the whole summer.
Katherine gourlay

Kay (...
Answer: Hi Katherine, Yes it can be hard to get children to keep their hats on but there are a couple of things you could try. You could try playing a game with your daughter putting hats on her dolls and bears before she takes them outside. Role modelling is also really important so if your daughter sees you wearing a hat and putting on sunscreen, she is more likely to do it too. Make sure you encourage her and reward her for doing the right thing. Another idea you could try is to focus on getting your daughter to feel comfortable wearing a hat and leave the sunglasses until she is a bit older. You could also try leaving a couple of hats near the door so that every time you go out, she knows she has to put it on and has the choice of choosing one for herself. Good luck!
Answered: 29 Nov 2007