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Now she refuses anything with texture or finger food

Hi Leanne
I am worried about my 11 month (will be 12 months in 3 days), about a month ago three teeth came through at the same time so we had a hard time at dinner time and the only thing she would eat is pureed vegies.

Now she refuses anything with texture or finger food except vegemite sandwiches, fruit toast and rice cakes. I`m at my wits end as I know I shouldn`t be giving her pureed food but it is all she`ll eat without it being too much of a drama at dinner and I don`t think she should have vegemite sandwich for both lunch and dinner.
What can I do?
Thanks Renae

Answer: Hi Renae, It is very common that little ones go off their usual eating routine when they are unwell or recuperating, or teething can affect their desire to eat, given their gums can be swollen. Most often under these situations they will continue to grow at their usual rate and come back to their usual routine shortly. It is good to keep in mind though that it can take a week or two though. You are likely to find she may prefer foods without lumps such as yoghurt at the moment, you can of course add foods into this even if at some point in the day it may be pureed fruit or veg that is fine for the time. But yes of course you want to get back to a full diet. She may just have a negative association with coarse food, that it causes pain. So you may have to work her back up to coarse foods and finger foods slowly, it will be worth it to get her confidence back up with foods chunks. You may like to offer her soft foods like avo and banana in a feeding mesh to both help with food intake and teething, perhaps chill a little in the fridge. Keep on eye on her weight and development and if it continues too long or you notice a change in his growth then pop into see your CHN or GP. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 08 Apr 2009