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My baby will not take solids

I started my baby boy on solids at around 5 1/2 months - he is now 7 months - and have been consistent, offering him 2 -3 meals per day.

I started with apple, pear, pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot - all home made - and have also tried some of the pureed jar food, but he is just not interested. He closes his mouth tight as soon as he sees the spoon coming and spits it back at me if I do get any in!! He is currently having 5 bottles of milk a day - but again only drinks 100ml sometimes!

Should I be concerned?
Thank you in advance

Answer: Hi Melissa, It is reasonably common that some bubs while being interested in what you put to your mouth (remembering that Œthe mouth` to a baby is their whole world, if it goes in your mouth it must be interestingS) are still not sold on solids. Sometimes bubs skip the whole mushy food stage (who can blame them) and go to finger foods, that`s where a feeding mesh can be really helpful. Your bub may in a few weeks be okay with some finger foods (say some slithers of banana or avo)? Once these bubs get going they can really make up for lost time so batten down the hatches and watch your food bill. If you find that things just don`t improve you might pop back to your CHN or PG. Also if you find that his growth weight begins to change, for example, he drops percentils then again this would be a good point to have things checked. Iron is one of the main concerns. Or another option is a speech pathologist, they are great with all things oral, and can often pick up little issue with oral development that affect feeding. The other people to consider is Tresillian, they also assist with feeding issues (if you are in NZ plunket may do also). See also links below. I would highly recommend talking to a paediatric speech pathologist such as the gals at No Fuss Feeding (website of same name). If your bub finds chunky food difficult, as is the case with gagging and vomiting, these strengthen this idea. Paediatric speech pathologists deal with all things to do with the mouth. Much of what a baby eats or rather when they can eat certain foods is determined by their oral development. I really think you will find them helpful, you can also find them in the yellow pages. In the meantime, keep offering as you are, but take it away if refused. Try the mesh, after all pretty much anything they can get into their hands goes into their mouths. Then look at the finger food option especially if the feeding mesh goes well. Aussie: www.nofussfeeding.com.au NZ: http://www.paediatricfeedingdisordersclinic.co.nz/index.htm All the best, Leanne
Answered: 08 Apr 2009