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When can I introduce meat, and how should I cook it?

hi leanne
my son has just turned 7 months and solids are going good but i dont no what knd of stuff i should be feeding him, as his dad dosnt no like much in the way of vegies, i have tryed to get him used to as many as i can but i dont no with ones he can have at this young age. also when do i introduce meat, how do i cook it and should i be mashing it all togeyther if have it seperated on a plate,sorry for all questions, when should i give him sandwithes 4 lunch, is wholemeal ok? and when do i give him weetbix 4 breakie? one again sorry for all the questions i just want to do the right thing
thank you
renee and hayden

Answer: Hi Renee, When you start off you are working up to 2-3 meals and 3-5 BF`s/formula feeds by 7 months. Also at 7 months you are working up to more texture by fork mashing baby`s foods. By 9 months most bubs are on 3 meals and two snacks a day with finger foods included and 2-3 BF`s/formula a day. As you have been doing, work through the vegies, about 7 months you can trial yoghurt and then cheddar cheese (a little grated into babys mashed food and allowed to melt), then start down the meat line with fish. Tinned fish is such an easy and safe way to go. You can also trial say chicken next by popping some into a feeding mesh and letting baby chomp on this. Then cook some well and chop really fine (or blend) and add to baby`s usual foods. About 8ish months you might be up to some red meat. Also at 9 months you can begin to offer solid before breast. All of this is just a rough guide because every baby is different as are all families. The best guide is your baby, how much he will eat and when he is ready for more. Follow his lead, babies are actually very good at self-regulation, also their growth and development are good indicators. Yes wholemeal bread is fine from about 8sih months onwards and sandwiches from finger food stage (about 9 months) as baby is more adept at handling food. Its good you are asking questions, shows you are working hard to do the best. Probably to help cover all those areas it might help to check out a few resources I have put together specifically on these topics. I have some tip sheets on Huggies on starting solids and also a book, they might give you some more ideas on foods to offer at different ages, the links are: Solids Which foods when and fridge chart Also on the link below is a great chart on solids I did for Organic Bubs, its perfect for the fridge! You are absolutely right, at this age solids really are preparatory and the main nutritional concern is iron (which is why baby cereals are recommended). Otherwise the major focus is on texture, variety and quality. Really it wont be for another few months that you can look more closely at nutritional issues per say. I hope that is reassuring, all the best, Leanne
Answered: 15 Apr 2009