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Am I feeding her too much food?

Hi Leanne,
i`m just wondering if i am feeding my 9month old daughter too much food. As most people who see her eat are amazed at what she consumes. She weighs approx 9.5 - 10kg

I started her on solids at 5.5months after she seemed really interested in what we were eating, she took to food straight away.

I followed your sneaky food guide and the whole introdutcion to food was so smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Now my daughter eats everything with no hastle. I cook all her own vegies fresh and often mix in meals that we are having with her dinner. On an average day she will eat the following:
Breakfast: Muslie / porrage or weetbix with apple followed by a bottle
Lunch: 3 different sorts of vegies with tuna / boiled egg / fresh ham & cheese followed by a piece of rasin toast or simular
Dinner: 3 types of veggies with meat or fish followed by natural yoghurt mixed with fresh fruit followed by several pieces for fresh fruit
then she will have a bottle before bed.

Should i be cutting back on what i am feeding her?? I thought as all i am feeding her is fresh and healthy and she is happy it was fine but so many people have commented on it i`m starting to get concerned.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Answer: Hi There, Sounds to me that you are blessed with a great little eater. So baby is about the 85th percentile which is respectable and even more so if this is where she has been mostly. It is sudden changes up or down the charts that are more alarming. Babies are in fact very good a self-regulation and as you will know from the book, its important to be led by your baby. Once you switch to solids before `milk` feeds you can notice a sudden drop in milk intake, all very normal. Other than perhaps a little more fruit than general I think all is looking dandy. Likely you will look back when you have a great eating toddler and cant add to the fussy eating conversations and think to yourself just how well you both did. You bub is having plenty of fresh produce, protein foods, iron foods, calcium-containing foods and so on. Well done! There isnt really anything to measure against, there are no servings guidelines for bubs. But as a guide to where you are heading have a look at this tip sheet below. Meal servings checks You will see you are covering the bases well. I hope that assures you. But if you remain concerned pop into see your ECHN or GP and more so if baby`s weight changes. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 15 Apr 2009