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My son is 8 months old and won`t eat cereal of any kind

Hi Leanne, my son is 8 months old and he won`t eat cereal of any kind. He is fussy with vegies too. My routine goes something like this:
Breakfast m: 180ml formula & 8am: yoghurt or pears - loves both.
10am: up to 120ml formula
Lunch 1pm: vegies: usually sweet potato or pumpkin (wont eat avacado, peas or brocoli) and small amount of water 2pm: 180ml formula
4pm: usually will drink about 0ml formula and have a piece of fruit in a mesh bag (usually just ends up o the floor though)
6pm: 180ml formula and vegies.

I started him on solids at 6 months and it went very slowlyall he would do is gag and would only have a teaspoon now and then. It wan`t until 7 mths when he would actually eat food.

I have tried farax, wee bix & `Rafferty`s Garden multi grain breakfast`. He will have the irst spoon full then refuses the rest. Just hoping the iron in the formula will be compensating for his lack of iron enriched cereal. Also I have rea your guidelines re solids and what to eat and when etc. Last question I prise: what do you think of the Vaalia brand baby yoghurt? (also read your article re yoghurt). Any advice would be appreciated, thanks Leanne.


Answer: Hi Kath, Just on the question of baby yoghurts, just between you and me (tee hee) I defer to the label, if you read the label and it has a long list of ingredents some of which include sugar (albeit hidden in words like honey, juie, syrup etc) and additives and stabilisers its not what I would offer. Jalna make a full fat, fruit yoghurt that has no sugar or additives. You are likely to find many yoghurts such as baby yoghurts are excluded by such criteria and the yoghurts we view as adult ones are the better option. It is rare that formula feed bub doesn`t get enough iron. Formula`s are designed to ensure that tat base is covered. You might like to pop some me into a feeding mesh and let baby have a good chomp on that! I am guessing you will have tried baby cereal (which is ordinarily bland) with other foods such as yoghurt and/or fruit to improve its taste? Just like us babies have their likes and dislikes, which is just fine. ou do though have to offer many foods repeatedly as the texture and tste can just take a little while to get used to. It can take up to 10 tmes for a baby to finally really know if a food is for them or not, so don` give up, just come back to the food a little later or in a different way. Much of what a baby eats is in fact determined by their oral skills, so gaging tends to suggest baby`s oral mechanics were still getting to the eat an swallow stage, which is very normal. Its just good to keep an eye out for his so you can move through texture without any stress. Don`t worry abot what others might be doing, your baby is your best guide, guidelines are ust that, a size fits all approach, they need to be flexible becaue like us all babies are different. So keep working through the foods, trialing, then coming back to them if they weren`t a hit in that period. Keep the variety going as long as you can, it will help with fussy eating later. Also offer food in a variety of ways, mixed, single, finger foods, dips etc(easier as you get to finger food stage). By about 9 months you can swap to od before milk so that might also see an increase in interest. I hope that helps. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 29 Apr 2009