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Dr suggested to replace three feeds a day with just plain water!

Hi Leanne, by mistake I sent Alex my querie, so I hope I`m not causing any inconveniences. My daughter just came back from her GP and was told her baby, born on 12.July is overweight, weighing 7kg. He suggested to replace three feeds a day with just plain water and I am horrified at that suggestion. Would it be not more sensible to feed her half strength formula or even have a blood test made to make sure the baby is healthy and that her weight gain is not caused due to any other problem? The baby is also breast fed and only `wants` one bottle of formula a day. She does not receive any solids yet. I would so much appreciate a reply from you.
Thank you, Evelin

Answer: Hi Evelin, No you are in the right spot, no problem at all!!! Well if I am not wrong, an almost five month old baby (girl) at 7kg is right on the 50th percentile. I am reading between the lines here but is sounds like baby has made a jump up percentiles? When babies jump 2 or more graded percentiles this can ring bells, but if baby is still in the mid range it seems fine. Also if baby has started on complimentary formula recently it could easily account for changes in weight. To be honest I would encourage your daughter to have a second opinion, no disrespect to her GP, but in such cases it is often really reassuring to have two opinions. Diplomacy says I can`t over-rule what has been said, obviously I don`t have all the facts. But just on a personal level I agree with you that the measures sound a little unclear. I hope you can see where I am going with this, definitely have another look at this before making these changes. Hope that helps, I will have the lovely ladies at Huggies get this reply to as soon as I have finished it, given how important it is when making changes the nutritional intake of a baby. All the best. Have a lovely Chrissy and New Years, Leanne
Answered: 01 Dec 2008