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He is in a stage of bitting my breast

hello i have a son of 10 months and is still breastfeeding and his in a stage of bitting my breast and i want to start him with formula but he doesn`t want it, at all. not even to try. please help?

Answer: Hi There, Oh I so remember that with my first, squeal... You should have heard me. But of course like all things in childhood it passes, baby is likely to learn quickly with just a low and calm `ugh ugh` or `no` that its not the go. They can also bite more if they are teething, makes sense. You are only a matter of weeks away now from the big 12 months too. Generally it is a matter of repetition and opportunity, in other words, offer baby a little formula before a feed, take it away if he rejects it and offer him a breastfeed, keep doing this each time until little by little he adjusts to formula. Formula has a very different taste, texture, smell and even look from breastmilk so it is understandable why some bubs don¹t take to it straight away. Keep to the same routine, try not to introduce any other changes and see how you go. If you find things don¹t improve pop into see your CHN as she can advise you on the next steps. All the best with the change. Have a lovely Chrissy and New Years, Leanne
Answered: 01 Dec 2008