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Should she poo every day?

I have just started on 5 1/2 month on solids some cearel in moring and some veg evening as well as been breast fed. When she was breast fed only she had a poo every day and now it seems like it is every 2 - 3 days at this stage. Her stomach doesn`t feel real bloated but concerns me. Should she poo every day?

Answer: Hi There, You will notice a pretty quick change in baby`s bowel habits once she starts solids, they generally firm up, change colour and of course can have bits of food in them. Ideally though she will still do a poo at least once a day. Sometimes what is forgotten to be mentioned in much of the literature out there is that water is very important to start off with solids. Buy a stage one sipper cup and offer baby clean water as often as you can think to. Babies kidneys are still developing and find it hard to process food bi-products so they need a little more fluid to help with this. Often offering baby regular sips of water (it won`t fill them up as it hasn`t any calories) can really help. Even if baby rejects it and takes a while to get accustomed to the taste persevere as they all adapt to it eventually with persistence and regular trials. Constipation is dry hard stools that are difficult to pass. They occur because the body hasn`t enough fluid so it removes as much as it can from food/fluid that passes into the body, literally wringing it out. So what is left as it passes through the intestinal channel becomes dry and solid and hard to pass. If you find that this doesn`t help or you are already doing this it might help to pop into see your CHN or GP for a quick check of things. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 22 Nov 2008