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My son is 3 weeks old and is developing signs which I think may be reflux

Hi My son is 3 weeks old and is developing signs of which I think may be reflux, after his afternoon going into night feeds he becomes very unsettled and he arches his back and kicks his legs and now he is starting to throw up a little of his feeds you can tell he is in pain from the way he is crying what can I do for this ? and is this reflux or bad wind ? I am unsure and a first time mum and it is starting to happen more and the pain seems to be increasing what should I do or how can I tell if this in indeed reflux?
Thank you for your help !

Answer: Hi Lisa, Thank you for contacting our organisation. It does sound like your little one is quite uncomfortable after feeds, and so it is good that you are looking for ways to help him. We would strongly recommend you talk to your doctor about your concerns as it is very important that your doctor makes that determination whether it is reflux, wind or something else. There can be other conditions that can present similarly to reflux (e.g. a urinary tract infection can cause vomiting and distress) so it is important a doctor assesses him. Sometimes bubs with reflux can have bad wind too, although this may be from issues such as food sensitivities. That may be something you might like to discuss with the doctor as well. It may help if you keep a written record of his feeds, sleeps, behaviours, vomiting and anything you consider is relevant. Write down all the things you have described here e.g. arching his back, kicking his legs, crying. If you are breastfeeding, also include what you are eating (as foods like dairy, soy, wheat, eggs can sometimes be associated with food allergies or intolerances). All this can perhaps help the doctor to pinpoint what the problem may be, and it also helps them understand what is happening throughout the day. If your doctor does diagnose your son with reflux, then there are some strategies (listed on our website at www.reflux.org.au) you can try - but please talk to your doctor first about what the problem may be. Please know that this is not your fault, whatever the problem may be. You are doing a good job in trying to find answers for your son, so please continue to trust your instincts. All the best, Glenda
Answered: 01 Apr 2009