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He seems to wake in pain and it`s hard to resettle

my 5 month old has been unsettled since birth he is breast feed he use to bring up alot of milk when he was young but that has cleared up he seems to wake in pain and is hard to resettle seems to wake every half an hour or hourly of a night is crying during the day and is sleeping little he like to cuddle in the upright position then wakes in pain when u put him down. I think he is also teething. Have introduced solids early as he was only passing bowel movements every 7-10days it’s helped with making him more regular which i thought may have been making him unsettled in pain but he still seems unhappy especially after a feed does this sound like reflux or colic or something else. He’s been really unsettled the last 7 wks.

Answer: Hi, Thanks for your question about your baby son, it does sound like you’ve had a challenging time these past few months. Certainly you have taken the right step by asking more questions, because as a mother, your instincts tend to lead you in the right direction. I would strongly recommend you talk to your doctor about your concerns, because only a medical practitioner can diagnose reflux as there are other conditions that can present similarly. If your doctor does think reflux is a possibility then you can take it from there. You may find it is useful to start keeping a written record of what is occurring during the day and night. The times and length of his feeds, sleep patterns, if there are times when his reactions are more severe than others and jot down all the problems you are experiencing. As you mentioned you were breastfeeding, the food and drinks that you are consuming is also important to write down. Keeping records may be useful for your doctor, or a specialist to pinpoint possible allergic reactions to foods, or perhaps determine if there are items in your diet that may affect him through your breast milk. All this may assist the doctors that you see begin to understand what is going on to assess the complete health of your infant. It is common for reflux symptoms to change as babies/children get older or as solids are introduced, so it is possible that this is what is occurring. However, some parents report that factors such as teething, recent vaccinations, illness, crawling, being overtired, hut humid weather and even constipation can flare reflux and if the cause of your son’s behaviour is indeed reflux, this may explain some of what is going on – particularly as you say he is teething. With the introduction of solids, if it is determined that there is an allergy to certain food groups or perhaps dairy sensitivities, then seeking out very non-allergic basic foods to start to introduce may assist. Constipation can cause more reflux as well as making them feel uncomfortable so if it is a problem for your son, getting that under control could help settle his other behaviours. Talking to your local health care nurse about your concerns might also assist, while you seek out further medical advice. They often can help with tips for unsettled sleeping, although you may find this improves once you find the underlying reasons for the behaviour. Until you get a diagnosis, keep trusting your instincts and do what feels right to make your baby as comfortable as possible. We do have some management tips on the RISA website www.reflux.org.au that you can consider in the meantime and may be a useful resource if your little one is diagnosed with Reflux. Thanks again for contacting us, and I hope that I`ve assisted your current concerns. Best regards, Glenda
Answered: 08 Apr 2009