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He has alot of symptoms of reflux, he hasn`t been right since birth

hi i have a 7mth old boy who has alot of symptoms of reflux he hasnt been right since birth.he sleeps little wakes screaming in pain,arches back alot,pulls up legs in pain usually after a b/feed or solid meal he seems to scream in pain he also groans when he tries to pass wind his belly goes tight.some weeks r betta then others he likes to cuddle upright,sleep upright,is very clingy.teething seems 2 make him worse ive tried talking 2 my gp about him wasnt sure if its reflux suggested zantac liquid 3x day doesnt seem 2 help.he seems to have alot of wet burps still brings up a little milk after a bfeed,or will bring up the milk then reswallow so im not sure if its reflux,stomach prob cant c a pedi till mid july am hoping what ive described may b reflux its my 2nd baby and am having trouble finding someone 2 listen & help.
thanx kylie

Answer: Hi Kylie, It sounds like your little boy is very uncomfortable, though despite that, it sounds like you are doing a great job. Well done for continuing to look for answers for him. Keep up the good work. Hopefully we will be able to help, although we cannot tell you whether he has reflux or not (that is something you need to talk to your doctor about). We can say though, that many reflux families describe signs that sound similar. Also, families often describe reflux flaring with teething, and also where some days or weeks are better than others. It is good that you are seeing a paediatrician who may be able to help, though having to wait until July is a long time. Sometimes it is possible to get put on a cancellation list so you may get in a bit earlier – it may help if you ring the paediatrician’s receptionist and ask if that is possible, or how you arrange it. You may need to be prepared to have little notice with the appointment, but this may be more preferable than waiting. Sometimes too, your GP can organise an earlier appointment, so if you think that is an option, you may like to talk to your GP and see if they can intervene on your behalf. How long has he been on the zantac? Sometimes other doses or other medications (or combinations) are more effective and since you have such a long wait until you see the specialist, perhaps your GP would consider making some changes to see if there is something else that may work better? Another possibility to consider might be food sensitivity as this can cause vomiting and distress in some babies. Your GP or specialist may be able to provide further information, and if it is decided that this is an issue, then a dietitian who specialises in food sensitivity may be able to offer you the guidance you need. There is some great information on this website www.ozemail.com.au/~breakey – follow the link to “is your baby food sensitive?” There are some management ideas on our website (at www.reflux.org.au) that you may find helpful as well. It’s important too that you look after yourself. Are you able to get a break, go out for a couple of hours while your partner or friend minds the baby? Even though some mothers feel selfish if they do that, it is important to remember that you are important too, and another factor to consider, is if you fall apart, who will look after your baby? That may help you feel more comfortable (that is, if you haven’t felt comfortable) to take some time and look after yourself. I hope this information helps and I hope you find the answers your baby needs. Best regards, Glenda & Amber
Answered: 01 May 2009