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For the last 2-3 months he has been spewing alot

hi my son is 4 months old now and for about the last 2-3 months he has been spewing alot. i have taken him to the doctor but they didnt say much and i give him gaviscon with his feeds, ive also tried raising the top of his bed, burping halfway between feeds, water inbetween feeds pretty much everything ive been told to do, but nothing seems to work his spews are somtimes chunky, somtimes smooth and unpredictable!
i would like to know what worked best for you? and what else i can try? and how long does this go on?

Answer: Hi, Has your son been diagnosed with reflux? If not I’d recommend that you speak to your doctor about the possibility of reflux (and keep persevering until you get the answers you need). Also, it is important that your doctor determines whether it is reflux or not, as other conditions and issues can present in a similar way. If your doctor does not believe it is reflux, then what could it be? Sometimes doctors don’t appreciate how difficult it is to deal with constant vomiting – there is the extra cleaning, and not just baby’s clothes – it can be your clothes, furniture, rugs, quilts – and there is also the added expense of all the extra washing, the stress(and perhaps embarrassment) of going out, and some families feel very isolated and put off going out because of the vomiting. If your baby does indeed have reflux, giving a time frame as to when he will improve is difficult as they are all different, and improve at their own rate. Some can improve around the 6 month mark when they start to sit up but there is a chance of regression when they are crawling or learning to crawl and generally can improve again when they start walking but each child is different. I wish I could give you a more precise answer, but it is often best to just focus on each day as it comes rather than looking too far in the future. If your son does have reflux, and is bottle fed, have you tried any different formula`s? There are some anti-reflux (AR) formulas on the market which you could try or you could try him with an HA formula but again it is best to speak to your doctor about this before you make any changes. Another possibility to consider might be food sensitivity as this can cause vomiting in some babies, but again you will need to speak to your doctor about that. It may help if you keep a written record of all the details of feeds (including solids if you have started them), sleeps, dirty nappies, vomiting and any other signs that you consider relevant. If you are breastfeeding, also include what you eat, as this can sometimes be associated. Having it written down can make it easier to notice any patterns. Could he be teething? Sometimes when they cut teeth it can flare their reflux for a while and this may mean that he vomits more for a few weeks. Since it has been going on for a few months, it is not so likely, but something to keep in mind. Constipation can also cause reflux to flare too. Do you keep him upright for at least 1/2 hour after a feed? This may lessen the amount of vomiting you experience (again, if it is reflux). You may also be interested to know that elevating the head of the bed has not been shown to be effective (though some families may disagree with that), and many doctors no longer recommend this as a treatment for reflux. You may like to talk to your doctor to find out what he/she recommends for your baby. It can be really difficult to keep them upright in the bed too, especially as positional aids are not recommended by SIDS and Kids (for safety reasons). If your doctor does determine your baby has reflux, there are some management ideas on our website (at www.reflux.org.au) that you may find helpful as well. You may also be able to try some strategies to manage the vomiting – feeding your baby outside, or in an area that is easy to clean; not changing them until you are ready to leave the house; making up their cot with several layers of sheets so you only need to take one layer off if it is vomited on; and having lots of spit up cloths handy – can all help a bit. Please don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if you ever have any concerns; and I hope you find the answers you need soon. Best regards, Amber. RISA Inc.
Answered: 01 May 2009