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I just want to know if my 5 month baby has reflux

I just want to know if my 5 month baby has reflux. in the past week he has started vomiting more. well all the time. he never vomited before. and sometimes when i go to lay him down either to put him to sleep or to let him play he starts to cry to the point where he is bright red in the face and sometimes he will only fall asleep sitting up against us but then when we lay him down in his cot he wakes up and starts crying till he`s red in the face again. he use to put him self to sleep in the cot before a week ago. but it not all the time so i`m not sure.

Answer: Hi, Thanks for contacting our organisation. I am sorry, but we are not able to determine whether your child has reflux or not as we are not trained medical professionals (and it isn`t possible to make a diagnosis over the internet like that). It is very important that you seek medical advice regarding your concerns, especially as reflux can present similarly to other conditions. If the doctor does determine that your child does have reflux, it`s possible it is flaring this week which can happen for a variety of reasons (when the child for example is teething, has been vaccinated, is unwell, has a change of routine, is constipated, is overtired, has started crawling etc). It can sometimes happen when they start solids as well. I believe that it is important for parents to trust their instincts, and because of what they are telling you, and also because of his obvious distress, I think it is important that you talk to a doctor. I hope that helps, and I hope he feels better soon too, no matter what is going on. Glenda
Answered: 08 Mar 2008