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Can silent reflux babies turn into reflux babies that throw up food and milk?

Hi Glenda, I have a 12 month old son who has has silent reflux since he was around 3 months old. He used to refuse his bottles all the time, it was a struggle to get him to drink them. Now hes fine with his bottles, well better then he used to be anyway. My question is, can silent reflux babies turn into reflux babies that throw up food and milk? Just in th past week or so he has started to throw up his food and milk and when he has his solids he gaggs on it and throws everything up. He used to be fine with very lumpy foods, but now seems to gagg on them. He is teething at the moment, would that play a part in this? We have also had nights where we give him his last bottle before bed and he throw that all up to. Any help with this would be great. Thanks.

Answer: Hi, Thanks for your interesting question. It is common for reflux symptoms to change as babies/children get older so it is possible that this is what is occurring. However, some parents report that factors such as teething, recent vaccinations, illness, crawling, being overtired, hut humid weather and even constipation can flare reflux and so this may explain some of what is going on – particularly as you say he is teething, and the weather may be really hot where you are at the moment. Sometimes in this situation, any medications may need to be increased temporarily, so if you are concerned it may be worth talking to the doctor. Additionally, it is important to remember not to always blame reflux for every issue. It is easy for us to assume it is reflux, particularly when we are so used to it being the cause of any problems, but it isn’t always the case. Sometimes our children can have an illness or other issue, and in fact many refluxers suffer from illnesses such as ear infections, throat infections etc more often than others, so it makes sense to keep that in mind (and then illness seems to be a factor that can flare reflux so a vicious cycle can result). If the problems continue then it may be worth taking him to the doctors to make sure it isn’t anything else. I don’t know if any of that helps – but sometimes knowing what can be behind the new behaviours can make a difference. As always, talk to your doctor if you are concerned. Glenda
Answered: 01 Feb 2009