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At what age should I try to lower the dosage again?

Emily is now 5 months old and on Gaviscon and Losec. I started to lower the dosage but she is not ready yet. At what age should I try to lower the dosage again. She is a silent reflux baby which makes it harder to monitor with teething etc..

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, it is not one that has an easy answer, because all children are different. It is like everything with reflux - there is not one thing that will work for every child. While some may be able to wean off medication now, there are many others who cannot and I would strongly recommend you talk to your doctor before you consider trying to wean. They will be able to offer you guidance for your particular situation, and will also offer guidance on how to wean as there are lots of different ways this can be achieved. Some doctors will recommend you stop the medication suddenly, while others may recommend slowly reducing the dose. It all depends on their experience and personal preference, as well as your own preference, and the situation. I believe that a parent’s instincts are worth listening too as well, so that would be a factor to consider as well. If you do have your doctor’s agreement, then the times that are often considered for weaning are when the child has been stable for some period of time e.g. a month or so; and when there are no factors that are likely to flare reflux e.g. teething, recent illnesses, vaccinations or even crawling. All these things can flare reflux and so it makes sense to choose a time where these are not likely to complicate things. You don’t mention if you tried to wean off the Gaviscon, the Losec, or both, so that may be something else to consider. You may have tried, but it may help to try weaning off just one of them e.g. the Gaviscon first. I know it can be disappointing if you do try weaning and it has been unsuccessful. It can help in other ways, because you have proven to yourself that you are medicating your child for good reason (and it can remove any tiny doubts in your mind that you may have had). I hope that one day soon your baby will have grown out of her reflux enough so she does not need medication. Glenda
Answered: 08 Feb 2009