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Have you heard of other people who have had the Losec stop working?

My fourteen week old little girl has been on Losec for silent reflux since six weeks. At 9 weeks we had to increase the dose to 10mg twice a day. She has one tablet at around 7:00am in the morning and the other at 6:00pm at night. For the last few days the reflux has started to return. She has begun cat napping and getting distressed between 4:00- 5:00am every morning and again in the afternoon. She will only drink about 90ml of milk at a time before crying. Have you heard of other people who have had the Losec stop working and if so do you know the steps taken to overcome it.

Answer: Hi, Unfortunately it is common to notice periods like you have described. There can be many reasons for this – it may be that she needs her medication reviewed once again and especially if it continues, I would strongly recommend you talk to your doctor about what is going on. There are other medications that can be used (as well as or instead of the Losec); and don’t forget that some of the conservative strategies can be helpful too even though you are using medication e.g. keeping her upright as much as possible, avoiding the seated position immediately after feeds, considering using a dummy, avoiding exposure to tobacco smoke and things like that are still important. Reflux can be cyclic too, and you may find that she can have good and bad periods (days or weeks) with reflux and you may never find out what the reason for the change is. Her recent flare in reflux may have nothing to do with her Losec, and it just may be coincidental that she seems worse at the moment. Also, while you probably won’t see it written in any books, many families report that hot, humid weather causes their child’s reflux to flare. There can be lots of other factors that seem to cause that too – teething, illness, vaccinations, being overtired, out of routine, constipated and so on. It can seem like anything that stresses them can flare their reflux so if you can think of anything that may have changed recently, it may help explain what is happening. Another factor to consider is the possibility of food sensitivities – from reading between the lines, it seems as though you are bottle feeding (you referred to her drinking 90ml of milk)- has anything changed there? If you are giving her breastmilk then it could be tied in with your own diet. Alternatively, if you have changed formula at all then it could have something to do with that. I hope that gives you some ideas. It can be really difficult trying to work out what on earth could be going on and so all you can do is continue to look for answers, and keep in touch with your doctor. Glenda
Answered: 08 Feb 2009