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Any suggestions on how I can stop him vomiting in the cot so he can sleep longer?

hi, my 8 week old boy has (in the last week) has been behaving strangely. he is only sleeping around 20-30 mins during the day waking up in a pool of vomit, very overtired, wanting to feed immediately after waking and then falling asleep on the boob. when i lift him out of the cot he usually burps then vomits. i have raised the cot slightly and keeping him upright after feeding for about 30 mins, during this time he usualy vomits about 3-5 times. none of this is helping. afternoons are worse when he will only settle in my arms. night he feeds and goes down to sleep at 7.30 and then wakes up once a night around 2 for a feed and then sleeps to 6.00. usually he vomits during the night but falls back asleep... he has also started to do dark green poos (100% b/feed) that are quite runny... any suggestions on how i can stop him vomiting in cot so he can sleep longer...previously he was sleeping 2-3 hour stints during the day!

Answer: Hi, Thanks for your question regarding your baby boy, it sounds like there has been a lot of changes taking place lately. If you haven`t already, we`d suggest you discuss your concerns with a medical practitioner; a doctor can assess the whole situation and give you a better idea of the reasons behind the vomiting, sleep patterns and other changes, in case of an infection or heat stress for example. Don`t think twice if you feel you should visit your local GP or paediatrician, or call or visit your health care nurse any time you are concerned, even if by the time you arrive in the office your baby is smiling and perky upon arrival. At the same time, you may consider if there is anything in your diet that is affecting your baby via your breast milk, any change of diet recently could also have been a trigger. As a baby changes and develops month by month, you`ll find that patterns change too, so starting a food diary now outlining what you are eating, the times of his feeds and sleeps, any skin reactions or behaviour occurring to show to the doctor could help to uncover a pattern. It may not solve anything immediately, however could be useful in the future if there are some intolerance`s, such as dairy, wheat or other allergies starting to show. After seeing your doctor, while you are working out the reasons for vomiting, you might consider putting down extra sheets or small towels on the cot, while he sleeps, it might be easier to peel off the wet one, without actually waking him while putting extra sheets down. I hope this helps for now, do keep in touch with RISA if you end up finding Reflux is diagnosed as the underlying cause of your boy`s current reactions. Warm regards, Brenda
Answered: 15 Feb 2009