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Recently my 2month old son has started poisiting

Recently my 2month old son has started poisiting. It is not every feed, just occasionally. He is also now having trouble sleeping during the day which he never did before (could it be related)? or is it this terrible heat? I also notice that he is very gurgalie and chestie breathing when away, quiet as a mouse when asleep. Should I be concerned?

Answer: Hi, Thank you for contacting our organisation. You have asked an interesting question – but I always believe a mother should trust her instincts, and because this is something that is concerning you, I would recommend you talk to your doctor or child health nurse. I imagine you are wondering whether he could have reflux since you have posed your question on this site, but there are other conditions that can cause issues like you describe. While it could very well be the increased temperatures that are contributing to his sleep issues and posseting, it is worthwhile making sure. You may already be aware that for those babies with reflux, the heat and humidity (amongst other things) is something that can flare their reflux, but it is important to know what the problem is first before attempting any strategies to treat reflux. (and if, for example, it is an infection, this needs to be addressed rather than trying other things) Your doctor will be able to help determine what the underlying issue may be; and if they do think your baby has reflux, then our website at www.reflux.org.au lists some strategies that you can try. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have as well. I hope that helps. Glenda
Answered: 15 Feb 2009