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My doctor prescribed my daughter omeprazole granules

hi my doctor prescribed my daughter omeprazole granules but i found it very hard to get her to swallow them, so today i went to the chemist and got them to make it into a liquid. but i just saw on the internet that granules work much better and are safer because the liquid has sodium in it? i also read you can give the granules with a small amount of pureed pear even for very little babies and that you should not consider it as solids, that its just like the flavouring in the liquid medicine? so what do you recommend, is the granules really safer? and can i use pear? My baby is 8weeks old. . . plz help me so i can help my baby! thanks!

Answer: Hi, Thanks for your question about your daughter and how best to give her the granules. After speaking to Glenda and from reports from different families, the granules seem to work better although lots of families do have success with the suspension too, so it may be something you can still consider. It may come down to what works for you, and what you feel most comfortable using, however, please talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns. If you do choose to use the suspension there are some factors you should be aware of. One is that it is important they are made into suspension by a compounding pharmacist - not just the regular pharmacist. Another is to make sure you shake the bottle well and give the full dose - sounds simple but it is something that can make a big difference. Also, different flavourings are sometimes used and this can be an issue if your baby is sensitive to flavours/colours. With regards to the sodium content, I think that is a question for your pharmacist. It may depend on the suspension agent that is used - sometimes it is sodium bicarb, but other times it isn`t and sorry, but I have no idea whether sodium would be in there or not. Some have shorter shelf lives than others too, depending on what is used so you would need to confirm what it is if you do use suspension. Also be aware that we have had reports of whey protein sometimes being added to extend the shelf life - if your bub is sensitive to cows milk protein this is a possible issue. If you do choose the granules, some parents have had success using the tablets by dissolving them in a small amount of water and giving it to their baby off a spoon, or by putting them in a wide necked syringe (nurofen syringe or 10ml syringe or something like that) - they often get stuck if you use e.g. a 2ml syringe. Everyone develops their own technique; although as you are already aware it may not be an easy thing to achieve- giving your young baby medication. In regards to the question regarding introducing pear into the diet at this early age, you may also want to discuss this with your medical practitioner or health care nurse and to wait. At this age, her gastrointestinal tract is still immature, and it may not always be a good idea introducing additional food into her body, even as bland and clear as pear. If you do continue to have problems with giving the medication then please go back to your doctor and discuss it, or talk to your pharmacist. They may also have some devices you can use that may help. If you have not yet taken a look at RISA`s website www.reflux.org.au there are some really useful tips and management ideas to help parents and families of Reflux babies – I hope some of the advice here can also be of use to you and your baby. Best regards, Brenda
Answered: 22 Feb 2009