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I missed her morning dose on the 16th day and since then things have been worse than ever

Hi Glenda
My 10 week old has silent reflux. She started losec suspension on Dec 30th and 10 days later was a happy baby, with improved naps and sleeping through the night.

I missed her morning dose on the 16th day and since then things have been worse than ever. It is 4 days later and she is in so much pain I had to sleep her on my chest all night. (Not a habit I want to get into). I could hear her little tummy gurgle and then she would scream as the acid came up.

I have read other mum`s posts that the losec suspension loses its effectiveness after 14days and they have to get a new one.

Could it be this or is it because I missed one dose? Or something else? Is there an alternative medicine that would be as effective but on a continuous basis.

I have made an appoinment with the GP but want to know what I should be asking for before I get there, I am not sure reflux is his strength. Would a pead GI be helpful or are they just for extreme cases? I don``t want to put her through painful and unnecessary tests.

Any advice is much appreciated,

Answer: Hi Em, You have asked that million dollar question – it is so hard trying to work out what on earth is going on with our little ones, and why things have changed. It can be quite devastating when things are going right and then it all turns around again. When we get our hopes up, it makes it even more difficult to cope with. There could be lots of reasons why your bub has worsened again, or it could be a combination of them all – it is so hard to say. It’s one of the reasons why us reflux parents play those mind games as we run through so many things trying to work it all out. It is possible that missing one dose has affected her (though to be honest I wouldn’t think it was the only reason – it perhaps came at a really bad time). You may be right too, as lots of parents report the suspension loses strength over time (you have done your research!!) – and depending on what the pharmacist has used as a suspension agent, it may have a really short shelf life. (it is important that a compounding pharmacist - not just a pharmacist - prepared the suspension to ensure it is as potent as possible). You could check with your pharmacist to find out what they used and also how long the shelf life should be. Make sure you shake the bottle well before each dose as this can have a big impact on its effectiveness too. You may like to try a new bottle of Losec suspension to see if it helps, or alternatively you may like to ask your doctor if you can try the tablets. Even at 10 weeks, your baby may be able to cope with the tablet – it can be dissolved in water or pear/apple puree and offered to your baby in a syringe or off a spoon. There are lots of different ways it can be given and as you suspect, tablets seem to be more effective (in general). It’s also possible that the dose of Losec needs to be reviewed and even though it worked initially, your baby may need a higher dose (babies with reflux often seem to need much higher doses than you’d expect) Reflux too can be cyclic where you can have a run of days/weeks that are good, followed by days/weeks that are bad. It can sometimes seem like you are taking one step forward and 2 steps back, and like I said that can be difficult to cope with. Another factor I can think of too, is perhaps food sensitivities are playing a role – if you are breastfeeding, has your diet changed in any way in the last few weeks? It may help to keep a record of what you are eating, as well as how well she is feeding and sleeping, and whether she is distressed or showing any other behaviours. Cow’s milk protein, soy and sometimes other foods, can impact on reflux babies, and so it may be important to pay particular attention to how she copes with those foods – it can take a couple of days before you notice any reaction if there is any. Many parents report that even a change in weather can have an impact, and especially really hot humid weather can flare reflux in some babies. If the weather is like that where you are then that may also be impacting. So can things like vaccinations, being overtired, constipated or sick – so if any of those things are likely, it may provide some answers. Alternative therapies can sometimes be successful – some families report amazing success with chiropractors, naturopaths, Bowen therapists, osteopaths, infant massage therapists – and many others. While there doesn’t seem to be one therapy that works for every baby, just as in orthodox medicine, you may be able to find something that does work. IF there is a therapy you want to try, ask around for recommendations from family and friends, ensure the therapist is registered with their national body and ask them if they have experience in treating babies with reflux –what their success rate is, what to expect from treatment, and how much it should cost. It is often a matter of continuing to look for answers until you find something that works. I hope that gives you some ideas and I hope you find the answers you need. Please keep trusting your instincts and doing what you feel is right – and talk to your doctor about your concerns. Glenda
Answered: 22 Jan 2009