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Could she have colic and what can I do to help her?

My baby is 5 months and doesn`t cry she screams. I`m thinking she must have colic. I have tried all different milks and none have made a lot of different she is now on low fat milk and is probably 50% better. But she still has these screaming matches always through the day (luckly) and sleeps all night. Could she have colic and what can i do to help her??????? I have tried reflux treatments and they have made no different.

Answer: Hi, Thanks for your question about your little girl and your enquiry about colic. There could be a range of reasons why your daughter screams and reacts in such a way, and often the term colic is used in cases where a cause is not yet found. Some reflux babies are often classed as ?colicky?, screaming, whinging etc to cover their pain and irritability. You’d mentioned that you’ve tried a variety of reflux treatments without success, however did not say if she has been diagnosed medically for reflux, which is an important first step. We would recommend that you seek medical advice, to see if you can determine the reasons behind the crying, as there can be other conditions that present in a similar way. Is the low fat milk you are referring to an approved infant formula? It is really important that she is still given an infant formula appropriate to her age so perhaps a dietitian or doctor with expertise with infants could help you find a formula that is suitable for her and that satisfies her needs. The low fat milk may not be offering enough of a balanced diet or filling her up, and seeking medical advice, or even additional tips from your local health care nurse to monitor your child’s weight gain and other growth milestones, could be a good start. It is possible that her crying is a reaction to the cow’s milk, as a sensitivity to cow’s milk protein, especially in the first year can cause such conflict, but please seek medical advice to determine if this could be an issue or not. I am not in a position to be able to tell you whether this could be the case or not. Also, if this is the case, once a source of the problem is found, when the time comes to introducing solids, you may find it slightly an easier journey if you avoid any items that she is sensitive to. Other characteristics of reflux can be found at www.reflux.org.au/characteristics.php which could give you some other pointers to look out for in your child, while you are seeking additional medical advice. As well as ensuring your babies diet is on track, you could seek advice from a sleep consultant who may also have ways to manage her sleeps during the day time, offer tips for calming or baby communication skills to reduce some of your babies frustration, so that you can both have the opportunity to relax and enjoy quiet times together. I hope this helps, good luck! Brenda
Answered: 01 Mar 2009