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Will it affect her if I introduce solids?

hi Glenda,
my daughter is 4mth and has reflux what do i need to do with this situation and does it affect her if i introduce solids.

Answer: Hi Natalie, Thanks for your question to Glenda about your 4 month old baby girl. From your letter, I wasn’t sure if your baby has been medically diagnosed with Reflux or through your experiences over the past few months that she is likely to be a reflux baby. If medically diagnosed, a good place to start is joining a support group like RISA where you can begin to hear other stories from other mothers and parents of children like yours, as well as support, hints, and stories of other bubs and products that you might find useful. The website (at www.reflux.org.au) also has a lot of great management and survival tips, which will help you find some solutions or ideas on the different ways to help with the variety of challenges you may face with your baby over the coming months. A clinical diagnosis of reflux (Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux) by a specialist is a good place to start if you are just aware that your baby could be a reflux baby. This also helps a lot by understanding the underlying causes and reactions of symptoms specific to your baby, such as allergies or sensitivities to certain foods which could help you in your next step when introducing solids, or if medication or further specialist care of some variety is required. Some doctors recommend introduction of solids a little earlier (after the 4 month mark) for reflux babies, otherwise 6 months is a good time to start, while this really does depend on the stage of your baby. Talking to your local health care nurse if you have one, or doctor, for some tips specific to your baby based on her health, weight etc could also give you some extra confidence if the time is right. It can be hard to know what foods to introduce – every baby is different and it may be a matter of trial and error. For example, some "normal" items like rice cereal can cause constipation although some babies seem to do really well on it. Avocado may be an option you could try after 6 months. If your baby is suffering from reflux due to a milk allergy (from formula, introduced milk or through your diet and breast milk), then the usual idea of mixing in some of baby’s regular formula/breastmilk with the first foods could just add to her symptoms, especially if there are trace elements of dairy within the baby products… There are some really healthy baby first food dietary books now available, taking it slow and not introducing more than a food a week are other considerations. Good luck with your baby. Best regards, Brenda
Answered: 15 Mar 2009