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It seems to me like he has a sensitive throat

i was wondering if u could shine a light on a situation for me! my friend has an 8 month old son whom she is trying to start feeding solids (lumpy food) though he keeps throwing it up!!!
he is totally fine eating pureed baby food, and he loves sucking vegies and fruit through the feeding mesh bag! though she has tried giving him milk arrowroot biscuits... he chews on them but as soon as he swallows the smallest bit he throws up and most of the time he throws up more than the amount of food (biscuit) that he swallowed!

she has also tried giving him the baby food in jars (7-9month age) he always throws it up... sometimes he will eat the entire contents of the jar but shortly afterwards it all comes back up. my friend and i are starting to get concerned, she has made an appointment with a specialist though has to wait a month to see them! does this sound like it could b reflux to you... could you suggest anything to try?

he is currently teething too and he has the same reaction with teething rusks!!!
it seems to me like he has a sensitive throat but i dont know what to suggest to her.
any advice / suggestions that u can give us would be greatly appreciated! i hope to hear from u soon

Answer: Hi, It is lovely to hear that you are giving your friend so much support. I’m sure she really appreciates it, especially as this is something that would be concerning her. It is really good too that your friend is looking for answers and that she is taking her baby to see the doctor. It’s a great place to start as it is important to work out what the underlying issue is (and as well, only a doctor can diagnose reflux and determine if it is a problem). Also, has your friend talked to a child health nurse? That could be another option for her. A child health nurse may be able to offer some suggestions, or refer her to other services as necessary. Other than that, I’m not sure how much help I can be. I haven’t dealt with this particular issue myself, but I’ll list a few things in the hopes it may help a bit until she does get in to see the doctor (it really does depend on what the underlying issue is). Does bub have any other issues? is feeding, sleeping and behaviour generally good? One thing that I wondered about, is whether he is eating a lot more than at other times when he eats the jar of baby food? If so, then I wonder if it’s possible if the extra volume could be a cause of that. It’s just something to consider. Sometimes too much food – more than they are used to, can cause them to vomit. Another point, is whether it is worth considering if food sensitivities could be an issue, as this can cause vomiting sometimes. Is it all food groups he has trouble with, or are there particular foods that cause problems more than other? If the problem is stemming from sensitivities, there are so many varieties of baby food available; it is hard to find the right type that is suitable that won’t cause a reaction, depending on just how sensitive the baby is. Sometimes, while it takes a little longer, pre-preparing home cooked baby meals for now may work out easier until she has a clearer idea on what to avoid…. Even the teething rusks that are available can contain items such as dairy, wheat or egg, similar to regular biscuits, which could be a cause of the reactions. It may be worthwhile if she keeps a food and behaviour diary over the next few weeks while she waits to see the specialist. This may help pin point some patterns that may not exactly be clear, and could assist at the time of the appointment. Jotting down items such as length of sleeps, types of food eaten (and how much), fluid intake, reactions (ie vomiting & time between foods or ingredients within foods), other reactions or behaviour such as biting, teething, dirty nappies and how long after feeds etc..anything that is of concern to the baby or your friend. It’s easy to remember items on the day, but sitting down with a specialist the first time, can be a little daunting after a month’s wait, that it just helps to jog the memory, and raise any flags to the specialist that may not be seen otherwise. It is possible it is an issue with textures and so I wonder if it would be worthwhile getting some help from a speech pathologist who specialises in feeding and swallowing issues in children (they are sometimes available as part of the feeding teams attached to children’s hospitals – your friend could talk to the doctor or child health nurse how to access their services). While I’m not sure if this is the right situation, the speech pathologist who offers advice to families at RISA has sometimes suggested encouraging lots of mouthing (with toys in the mouth, fingers, and trainer toothbrushes which have textured ends). She also says to increase texture very slowly if bub is having problems (at a meal when bub is not too tired) e.g. using the same food bub is used to and coping with, but gradually adding lumps – maybe only one or two tiny lumps in the puree but then go back to puree for a few mouthfuls – and gradually increase the spoonfuls that have lumps in them as they learn to tolerate the lumps. For some babies, the process needs to be very slow. Also, the dietitian who offers advice to families at RISA Inc has also said it can help to change only one aspect of food at a time (e.g. taste, thickness, temperature etc) as eating can be a developmental process just like with everything else they learn. She also says that sometimes offering a sip of water between mouthfuls of food can help (though again, I’m not sure if that is the right situation). I’m not sure if I’m on the right track but I hope that gives you and your friend some ideas as she waits to see the doctor. If the doctor does determine that bub has reflux then she may also find some extra tips on our website (www.reflux.org.au). Glenda
Answered: 22 Mar 2009