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From your experience, are there are any new challenges having a third child with reflux?

Hi Glenda, I have two beautiful children who both suffer with silent reflux. We have linked it with food intolerances and have managed to manage my daughters reflux quite well, she is now three and on Losec. My 10 month old son is on Losec too but is still having alot of difficulties, I now sleep with him on a matress on the floor with him on my shoulder half the night. We are considering having a third child and I know statistically that this child would almost certainly suffer reflux too. I have found my second child easier to cope with as we knew what was happening with him and we could act faster to help him. Can you tell me from your experience if there are any new challenges to a third child with reflux? Please let me know how you have found your experience as a Mum to three refluxing children. I am very concious of the affect that a third baby with this condition could have on my two children.

All advice is greatfully received.
N Standley

Answer: Hi, Oh gosh, that is a tough question. Every child is different although I agree that your risks would have to be fairly high for any other children having reflux. That’s not to say they will though. If they have reflux you also don’t know just how bad it will be. As you say, you have learnt a lot about reflux and knowing what to do, as well as being aware of it, so that has to help. As for new challenges- well, my third child was my worst refluxer, but they all had their challenges. I found that one more child took time from my other children, and that was tough- but they also learned new things too, like compassion and patience, and independence. Only you and your partner can decide what you want to do, and what’s right for you. I hope you are comfortable and happy with whatever you do decide. I hope that helps somehow. Glenda
Answered: 08 Aug 2008