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Is there any food I should stay away from feeding her?

Hi Glenda, My daughter Jorja is at 8 months now and her reflux has slowed down. (Jorja isn`t a "powerchucker" just little "spits" I suppose you can call them. It can depend on how she is also held)
I feed her Heinz foods currently. She has no teeth as yet either. But would like to try making my own food. I would like to know is there anything that I should stay away from? eg. acidic foods. She seems to tolerate most of the Heinz foods and the Heinz Orgnanic Foods. Because I work, the Heinz Foods are alot easier for me to prepare. But just would like to try something different. Got any ideas?

Answer: Hi, All children with reflux are different, and they don’t all have problems with food. The types of foods that can sometimes cause problems though are citrus fruits, spicy foods, tomato or other acidic foods and fatty foods. Carbonated drinks and caffeine too (just so you know). I would suggest trying them one at a time so you can take note if there are any problems that come up. If she has no problems with any then there is no need to avoid them. Sometimes too, it is a matter of minimising them rather than avoiding altogether. If you do have problems, then I would recommend talking to a dietitian. Have fun with it all and I hope that helps. Glenda
Answered: 01 Sep 2008