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I am currently trying solid foods and finding he is fussy

Hi Glenda, i have an 8 month old boy who is on zantc for his reflux. Iam currently trying solid foods and finding he is fussy with with different fruits and vegetables could you suggest any that would be more suitable for him as i find all he reaaly likes is avacado, pears and jap pumpkins. His doctor has also suggested to start trying some protien now.

Iam so relieved that i have finnaly found a support association.
Thank You
Racheal & Deedan

Answer: Hi Racheal & Deedan, I’m also glad you found a support group – dealing with reflux can be really difficult, and it’s often made even more difficult because so many times family and friends just don’t understand. Of course it’s also worse because it often entails a lot of trial and error as we try and figure out what is best for our children. It sounds like you are doing really well, and it’s great that he likes his solids, even though it’s only a couple of foods he likes. Have you tried giving him lamb, since your doctor wants you to start adding protein? Perhaps that would be a good place to start? With him being fussy about different fruits and vegetables, have you noticed if they are causing any problems later on? Does he become more irritable or unsettled or is it just that he isn’t keen on the flavour? If it is just a flavour thing, then it may not necessarily be an issue that is related to his reflux. I would suggest talking to your child health nurse about introducing them – they may suggest adding really small amounts to an already accepted food like avocado and increasing it until he is used to the taste. Alternatively, it may work if you give him a mouthful of the new food and then go back to giving him one of his preferred foods. There are probably lots of different strategies to use to get him to accept different flavours and I’m sure your child health nurse would have lots of great ideas. As for ideas, what about foods like apple, beans or choko, if you haven’t already tried them? If you do think it is related to his reflux, and if any new foods are unsettling him or flaring his reflux, then please let your doctor know. A lot of babies with reflux do seem to have food sensitivities and if you are concerned about that, then you may need further medical guidance in introducing solids. It may also help if you keep a written record of all the foods he has (or refuses), along with a record of his sleeps, behaviour (including irritability, crying etc), so if there are any changes, they can be noted. I hope that information helps. You may also like to go to our website, at www.reflux.org.au, for further information. Glenda For RISA Inc
Answered: 01 Jul 2009