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I`m now wondering if she is lactose intolerant

hi glenda, my 10month old daughter is constantley throwing up i was told when she was younger that it was reflux and that it would go when she starts on solids but its still happening alot and im now wondering if she is lactose intolerant as it seems worse if she has lots of dairy. what do you think?

Answer: Hi I found it really hard to cope when people would tell me that things would be better by a particular age, only to find out there was no change. I imagine you’re the same as me (and every other reflux mum) that we get our hopes up and it’s devastating when we realize we still have the same problems. It isn’t at all unusual though for reflux bubs to still be refluxing at 10 months (in fact if she is crawling, you may find it is worse at the moment). It’s interesting that you have noticed a reaction when she has a lot of dairy, as I would have asked that. A large percentage of refluxers do suffer from Cows milk protein intolerance or allergy, so that is something that may be worth talking to your doctor about. Lactose intolerance is possible too, though maybe not quite as common. The answer may be to avoid or minimize dairy in her diet, but if you want to do that, please talk to your doctor or a dietitian so that her diet remains balanced. I think it’s important for you to trust your instincts- listen to what they are telling you. It sounds to me like you are on the right track! Glenda
Answered: 01 Dec 2007