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Help to make it more comfortable

I have a 5 month old daughter who suffers with reflux, she currently takes gavison infant in every bottle and has since she was very small. How old are they when it starts to disapear? is there any other tricks to helping them be more comfortable besides raising the head of their bed??

Answer: Hi, Thanks for contacting us. Is your daughter still quite uncomfortable, despite the frequent Gaviscon? If so, then I would urge you to talk to your doctor so they can review the situation. I’m presuming she was originally diagnosed with reflux by your doctor, but if not, it’s even more important for her to be seen (esp as there can be other issues that present similarly). Has she worsened recently, or has she just continued to be uncomfortable? Sometimes refluxers, esp those on thickeners, can suffer from constipation which can in turn make them uncomfortable, or it can cause further reflux which can also cause discomfort. There are other things that can also cause them to worsen, which I’ll mention later on. As to how old they are when reflux starts to disappear- that is a really hard question to answer. All refluxers are different. Some seem to outgrow it very early on e.g. 3 months, while others seem to get better by the time they sit up and are on solids. For others it’s much later e.g 12 months (and perhaps walking), and for others it’s much later again. Some get worse around the time they are crawling or learning to crawl (and some worsen at times like when they are teething, are overtired, have had immunisations or an illness, have a change in their routine, or on really hot, muggy days). They are all so very different, and what works for one may not work for another, so it is often a matter of trial and error to find the answers for our own bubs. It’s often a matter of continuing to look for answers until you do find something that works for your bub. There are some other management strategies that may help, apart from raising the head of the bed. You could try keeping her upright for 30 minutes after a feed, and also for as much as possible during the day. Sometimes that may mean using other equipment to keep them entertained, or carrying them around with you in a sling (making sure she doesn’t slump as that can cause more reflux). There isn’t one piece of equipment that suits all refluxers, so it’s all trial and error, but the other kinds of things that can help are things like baby swings, bouncy seats, play centres (like baby walkers without the walker part) and things like that. Have you started solids yet, or are you holding off until later? Sometimes doctors do advocate starting solids early, which can work for some, but not others. If you have started them and you think its not helping, or is making her more uncomfortable, it may be worth waiting longer (but please talk to your doctor about it, esp if they advised otherwise) as all children are different. Other things that can sometimes help are:
  • smaller feeds slightly more frequently
  • offering a dummy or clean finger for them to suck on as that can sometimes help
  • burping more frequently throughout a feed
Many refluxers have a sensitivity to cows milk protein, (and some to things like soy, wheat and eggs). It may be worth considering that too, as that can make a big difference. You may need to talk to the dr about that, as those formulas are available by prescription. That`s probably enough information to make your head spin, but I hope something helped. Take care, Glenda
Answered: 01 Nov 2007