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Does this sound like reflux or something else?

I have a one month old baby. He is very hard to feed, as he will pull himself off (sometimes even before the milk has been let down) to have a burp. He then takes a very long time to burp (sometimes 2 hours, or longer) He also brings up a very large proportion of what he has taken if he does take anything. He appears to be in pain when he is trying to burp. When he does burp it is very big and loud. so feeding is never full and if it is it comes back. sometimes if he can`t burp, he will just fall asleep from the effort, but at other times he wont be able to sleep because he hasn`t brought everything back up. Does this sound like reflux or something else?

Answer: Hi, Congratulations on the birth of your son. I had always found if bub didn’t burp in the first few minutes, then they weren’t going to, but that is only my experience, so please check with a child health nurse over that one. It sounds like your bub is quite unsettled, and that, combined with feeding difficulties and sleep issues, makes it quite possible for it to be reflux. Good on you for considering reflux- you have obviously done a bit of research on the issue. If you haven’t spoken to your doctor about it, then I would recommend you do so. It is really important that you do get a diagnosis (whether it is reflux or something else) as there are other conditions that can present similarly – and it makes no sense to treat it as reflux if it is something else entirely. Something else to consider is if there is a possibility that he is allergic/intolerant to cows milk protein. A large percentage of refluxers do have a sensitivity to cows milk protein (and/or soy protein), so IF the gp is happy to diagnose it as reflux, it may be worth talking to them about that possibility too. As you are breastfeeding, it may be a matter of avoiding all traces of cows milk (and maybe soy)- that includes reading labels and learning the various different names that are used, as even trace amounts can make a difference. If you do want to try that, it is important that your diet is still balanced, so getting medical guidance for that is really important (ie talking to a dietitian). Well, I hope that helps, and please continue to listen to your instincts, and keep in touch with your doctors. You’re doing a great job. Glenda
Answered: 15 Nov 2007