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Having trouble getting thickener for formula

Hey Again Glenda
I have been having trouble getting thickner for my little one`s formula and was told to us Gavascon for infants. I``m abit worried about using it and wondered what your thoughts were on it.

Answer: Hi fafa1975,, Infant Gaviscon is often used as a medicated thickener for reflux infants, but please talk to your doctor or pharmacist- especially as you have concerns about using it. Were they the ones who suggested you use it, or was it someone else? If it was someone else, it is especially important to check. Is there a particular reason you are worried about using it? Are you happy using a thickener? They can sometimes be a really good option and can benefit some babies enormously. They aren`t always so beneficial though and some bubs can become more unsettled and/or constipated. If you aren`t sure that thickeners are the right answer for your situation, then talk about that with your doctor as well as there may be some better strategies that feel right for you. Hope that helps, Glenda
Answered: 22 Nov 2007