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What can I give him to help his wind?

Hi my name is bianca this is my first baby and he has got wind what can i give him to help him with this problem ??? and he only dose one poo a day is this normal ???

Answer: Hi Bianca, thanks for your question also about wind, it seems this must be the windy week! You may want to take a look at the first question and my answer for the 3 month old baby girl who sounds like a she has a similar problem. I am not sure how old your baby boy is, or what other behaviours he is displaying in reaction to feeding, or reflux symptoms. However, hopefully you can find some information that you may find useful. As every baby is different, you may find that some babies poo a lot during the day, while some once a day like yours - to others who may go for days or a week without doing the do! There is a big difference between babies who are breastfed and babies who are bottle fed. If you are breastfeeding it really could be a sign of many different things, and even, depends on what you are eating and what is being passed through the breast milk. My breastfeeding friends who ate a lot of meat/steak tended to have less "regular" babies, while those breastfeeding mums on more of a plant based or high fibre diet went more often. So many babies, so many reasons and differences in nappy changes. However, if you are at all concerned about the amount of wind your baby has, or their pooing, you should make use of your childcare nurse if you have one available in your town/neighbourhood. They can offer advice based on your baby and give recommendations and monitor their growth. And, don`t be afraid of visiting your local GP as many times as you think necessary, who can also recommend the best type of treatment based on the weight, age, behaviour and development stage. I hope this helps, Brenda
Answered: 01 Nov 2008