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Is exclusive with water ok for 1month baby. And Johnson baby lotion also good for new born?

I am doing exclusive with my one month old baby is it good to give her water too. And also is Johnson baby lotion and powder ok baby skin at this age?

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Answer: Hi,
I’m not sure what you mean by “exclusive”, but I’m thinking it may be exclusive breastfeeding. Is this right? If it is then you won’t need to offer your newborn anything to drink other than breast milk. There’s enough water in breast milk to meet her needs and there’s a risk of her not sucking as strongly with her breastfeeds if her stomach is full of water.
As long as she is being demand fed, having at least 8 or more breastfeeds in 24 hours and she’s gaining weight, then you don’t need to be concerned. And keep an eye on her wet and dirty nappies too as they’ll give you a guide about how much breast milk she’s getting.
And any baby specific products and toiletries should be fine for her skin. But generally, powder isn’t recommended as it can block the pores of the skin and baby girls in particular should not have powder used around their genital/nappy area.
She shouldn’t need any moisturising type cream or lotion at this young age, but if you do choose to use it then I’d suggest just the smallest amount.
Answered: 19 Jul 2016