Baby room

Designing the perfect nursery

Planning the perfect nursery for bub is an exciting process. The key to creating the perfect nursery is to focus on creating a space that is safe, comfortable and practical. By keeping these key features in mind you will find it a straightforward process to create a little haven for you and your baby.

As a new parent you will also find our nursery e-book helpful with its comprehensive and practical guide to everything involved in setting up for your nursery.


When you are planning your nursery, your primary focus needs to be on creating a safe place. It is easy to get caught up in colour schemes and the huge variety of products available to you. It is important to remember your baby has only very basic needs in the early days and it is vital to ensure they are safe and secure at all times.

The key items you will need to include in your nursery design are a cot, a change table and a feeding chair. While there are a variety of other items you may like to have in the room, these are the items that will certainly get plenty of use in the nursery during the early months.


  • When selecting these things for your nursery it is crucial that they all meet Australian Standards AS/NZS 2172:2003. Do not use antique cots or one that is more than ten years old. When you purchase a new cot it is useful to send off the product warranty card. That way if there are any issues with it, or it is recalled you will be notified.
  • It is vital that any bedding or linen you get must be used in conjunction with the current SIDS guidelines as well. You should always follow the safe sleeping guidelines that are outlined here.

Change table

  • You’ll be changing lots of nappies and going through plenty of clothing changes with your baby over the next few years so a change table is very important! You may prefer to get a combination dresser and change table for the nursery so you can store nappies and clothes more easily as well.
  • Make sure you get one that is at a suitable height for you and your partner and one that you can secure bub safely on during changing time. Your baby will start to roll over faster than you think and it is important to ensure they are safe and secure when they start to move around in the nursery.

Feeding chair

  • While you may feed bub at a variety of locations during the day, night-time feeds usually take place in the nursery. For this reason it is a great idea to invest in a comfy chair so that both of you can relax during feeding time. A glider rocker is a perfect piece for the nursery as they soothe you and bub during the feed and they also don’t have runners underneath. This makes them much safer for bub as they won’t get caught under them in the way that older rocking chairs do.


  • When you’re designing the perfect nursery for you and bub you need it to be comfortable for both of you. So it is important to plan the layout carefully. A sensible exercise is to use our online room planning tool to ensure your layout works best for your family’s needs. This unique baby room decorator will allow you to design your nursery from scratch and experiment with your desired layout to get the best possible result.
  • It is useful to spend some time working out where you want the items in your nursery to go using this tool. For instance, you may prefer not to have the cot located directly under a window, or you may want to make sure you have the feeding chair located near the dresser in case you need to reach out for something from it such as wet wipes.


  • The range of colour schemes and decorations for your nursery can be overwhelming, It’s practical to think long term when designing your perfect nursery. The reality is your little one will be a toddler before you know it and headed to school shortly after. Think about using colour schemes that will wear well as they age.
  • You might like to go for a neutral colour scheme and then add pops of decoration using colourful decals around the nursery. These can always be peeled off when you need something more age appropriate. You can use our Huggies Room Designs tool to get some inspiration and guidance as well. Our gallery has plenty of ideas that will help you.
  • Think about investing in a pair of blackout curtains so that you can avoid bub starting the day as soon as the sun starts to rise. It’s also a good idea to install a dimmer switch so that you have soft lights on if needed when you’re changing or feeding bub at night-time.