Parents retreat

It is important that you have an allocated space in the house that is your retreat. It may range in size from a small corner in your home to an entire room. Parenting newborns and small children is challenging and it’s good to create a space that is about your wants and needs.

Creating a parents retreat doesn’t mean having to spend a great deal of money. In fact, it doesn’t have to cost you a thing. The important thing is to ensure that you have a physical space that supports your needs and wants at a time when much of your life is devoted to caring for others.

Choosing a space

Try to choose a space in your home that doesn’t have lots of foot traffic. It means that you are less likely to be interrupted there and is more peaceful for you. If you don’t have space like that available then focus on making your bedroom a haven instead.

Invest in comfortable pillows and high quality bed-sheets to make it more relaxing for you. It’s a good idea to pick these up during the mid year and end of season sales.

Using your space

Realistically, with small children your time to yourself will be limited. If you do get a chance to enjoy your parent retreat then you need to ensure that it is a space that is de-cluttered and calming.

If you enjoy reading then make sure you have books available to you. You can always borrow the latest books by your favourite author from your local library. If you enjoy reading a particular magazine ask for a subscription as a birthday or Christmas present.

Avoid using this space for doing chores or anything child related. This is often easier said than done. However try to use this space to take a few moments to relax. This may be by enjoying a cup of tea or completing a Sudoku puzzle. Everyone has different interests so make sure it is something you find pleasant.

The key to your retreat is that it is somewhere relaxing and enjoyable for you to use. Your time there will usually be limited, so focus on making it a space that you can relax in.