Rainy day

Rainy day activities corner

It is inevitable that rainy days will often stop you and your little one from carrying out your planned activities for the day. So it makes sense to have a rainy day activities corner where you store objects and activities that you can carry out when the rain hits.

It will depend on the room you have available but if space is limited, then it’s a good idea to set aside a large plastic tub where you can store activities for a rainy day. That way you can simply bring them out when you need to use them.

It’s sensible to collect objects for your rainy day corner over a period of time and to add to it as you go. It is equally helpful to make sure that these items are only bought out specifically for rainy days. It means they will last longer but will also add a real sense of it being a special occasion for your little one as well.

If you are in need of some inspiration for activities for your rainy day corner we have plenty of activities here. That way you can plan some craft that is age appropriate and suitable for the needs of your little one as well. Spend some time looking at the options available and pop the materials aside well in advance. That way, you can bring out the required items on the day and enjoy the time together rather than feeling cooped up at home.

What to store in your rainy days activities corner:

Puzzles You will often have puzzles that are quite time consuming or require lots of support for your little one. A rainy day is the perfect day to bring it out and work with them on it.

Printables Store a bunch of printables in your activities box. It’s a good idea to collect a few of them and stash them away at a time when you aren’t rushed or in a hurry. You and your toddler can spend some time together colouring them in.
We have a range of printables you can use here.

Playdoh Make and store some playdoh for days like this. You can enjoy creating anything from cut out shapes to make believe afternoon tea together using it.
You can use our trusty recipe here and our range of suggested activities to help you out as well.

Art and craft materials It’s sensible to have a collection of pens, pencils, glue and scissors that are used just for this kind of weather. If you store them away and only bring them out for rainy days they will last longer and they will also be special for your little one as well.

Sticky tape You and your toddler can have lots of fun making animal shapes out of sticky tape together. It’s a simple, yet enjoyable way to spend time on a rainy day.

Magazines and catalogues Collect magazines and catalogues that you can store for days like this one. Your toddler might have a particular interest such as a certain kind of toy or object and you can spend time together cutting out pictures and creating a collage of them.