Baby Muesli

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Is your baby or toddler tired of the same old thing for breakfast? ShellySue has come up with a great recipe to add to the breakfast menu. Your baby will love the fresh breakfast option also add yoghurt for some variation!

Fruit salad in a spoon


*1/2 cup of rolled oats
*One cup of juice or water
*Sultanas, a sprinkle
*Fresh fruit


  1. Soak ½ a cup of rolled oats in a bowl in the fridge the night before. Cover them in juice (or water) or a combination of both.
  2. Add sultana’s (optional)
  3. The following morning cut up fruit into tiny pieces (eg. apple, pear, banana, peaches)
  4. Add to rolled oats.
  5. Blend using a barmix, and serve.

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Fruit salad in a spoon
Yummy muesli
Baby eating muesli
Baby enjoying breakfast

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