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Prune Apple Yoghurt

Category: baby care

Duration: medium

Age: baby

Keywords: constipation, baby care, yoghurt


This recipe is fantastic for relieving constipation. Using the prune mix is so much better than prune juice, which doesn’t contain the fibre of the prune pulp.



  • 1 tub baby yoghurt or small portion of natural yoghurt
  • 2 tablespoons of pureed apple
  • 2 portions of prune mix

To make Prune Mix:

  • 1 packet of prunes
  • Large microwave safe casserole dish
  • Boiling water


To make Prune Mix:

  1. Mix thawed warm apple and prune mix
  2. Stir in yoghurt – enjoy!
  1. Place prunes in dish, cover with boiling water
  2. Cover dish and cook in microwave for 10 min
  3. Add extra water (will be absorbed) and repeat
  4. Prunes become nice and plump and the extra water helps also with the constipation
  5. Take care not to let them dry out, as they will burn
  6. Cool, puree until smooth and freeze in ice cube containers
  7. Use 1-2 portions in each serve

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