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I am going to have to start unwrapping him shortly

Hi Maree,
I have a 5 and a half month old baby boy named Jack whom I have a couple of problems with.
First of all, I still wrap my baby but I`m coming to the stage where I am going to have to start unwrapping him shortly (He is rolling onto his side occasionally but not onto his belly yet). I was told the best way of doing this was to gradually leave one arm out for a couple of nights and then then extend it to both arms out. However the problem being that my little one takes a dummy and he is forever whacking it out or taking it out of his mouth if I allow him to have his arms free. I find I have to keep going in and replacing it to keep him asleep (the couple of times I have tried to unwrap him to sleep). Therefore he wont sleep. His dummy is his security blanket. How do I get around this? The other problem I am facing is most of the time when he wakes during the night he wont resettle unless I give him his dummy. He falls asleep with it and of course, once in a deep sleep, he drops it out of his mouth. I find I have to get up a few times a night to put his dummy back in to send him back to sleep. He is not yet able to coordinate putting his dummy back in his mouth for himself. Should I wait until he is fully rolling over until I unwrap him and allow him, once his coodination kicks in, to replace his own dummy? Should I try taking his dummy off him? Im really not sure how to go about this. He was sleeping a good ten hours at night without waking and all of a sudden within the last month or so I have been up and down to him several times nightly. Can you suggest how I get my good night sleeps back!!!!!
Many Thanks

Answer: Hi Belinda, We don`t recommend wrapping after 3 months so it would be great if you could stop, try a sleeping bag instead. It would seem the dummy has become a sleep association and the cause for his constant waking. If you want to get rid of the dummy and the wrap replace it with out settling techniques so he learns to sleep independently, the offer a clear and repetitve message that it`s time to sleep. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 15 Apr 2008