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Their best and longest sleep is from about 5pm through to 9pm

Hi. I have 9 week old twins. They settle and sleep pretty well but they don`t seem to distinguish that well between day and night and don`t stretch out their sleeps and I`m not sure where we are going wrong. I`m back at work part time (from home) so have a nanny to help me during the day. Our day goes something like this.... 7-8am awake for a feed and bath and then back to sleep around 9.30ish. Awake again around 12ish for another feed, play then back to sleep around 1-2pm. Awake again at 4pm ish and fed, play back to sleep by about 5.30pm. Then we have to wake them up again for the next feed around 9pm, back down to bed no play, up again around 12am, 3-4am, 6am then starts over again. So we are only really getting 3-4 hours at night between feeds. It seems they are getting their best and longest sleep from about 5pm through to 9pm when we wake them up for the last feed before we want to go to bed, which is good in one way as we can get the dinner sorted for older children and us but then I`m paying for it during the night with being up so much. I thought by now they would stretch out their night time sleeps a bit more? Thanks for your help.

Answer: Hi, I would aim to get them down for their long sleep at 7pm instead of 5pm and would change their bath time to 5pm. I know this is probably not a good time for the rest of the family but you may need to prepare dinner earlier to get this happening. Don`t wake them at 9pm let them go until their own body clock wakes them and above all make sure you settle them awake into the cot so you know they are learning to sleep independently and not waking looking for your comfort to resettle. Try our settling techniques when putting them down. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 22 Jun 2008