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Is there an easier way to get rid of the dummy?

Hello, My daughter is almost 6 months old now. From birth too approx 4 months of age she slept from 7.30pm to 7.30am with once feed during the night. At approx 4 months of age, this changed. She is now contantly waking at night. She is bottle fed and also has a dummy. Some nights she will sleep for 3-4 hours straight and then wake up. But the last 2 nights its every hour. She calls out and I put the dummy back in and she then goes back to sleep. I am told that its the dummy doing this as she doesn`t know how to go back to sleep without it. I have tried to take it away from her but she just gets hysterical and I cannot listen to her constant screaming. I tried the whole "control crying" thing but it just got too much for the 2 of us. Is there an easier way to get rid of the dummy.?

I have girlfriends with babies who have dummies and this isn`t happening to them. Could it be something else that is constantly waking her up. I am at the point where I just want a night of decent sleep. I have even thought about taking her to a sleep clinic for help.

Please help

Answer: Hi, It is essential that she fall asleep independently so when she wakes on her light sleep she looks around and is exactly as she went to sleep , so for this to happen she needs to falls asleep without the dummy (or feeding) You could try using our newborn to 6 months techniques they are all hands on and no leaving baby and as you see she is about to fall asleep remove the dummy so it`s not the last thing she remembers. You can get details for our It`s Time To Sleep settling program from Your Baby`s Sleep or www.itstimetosleep.com. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 29 Jun 2009