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When she won`t go for her afternoon nap, she is ready for bed at 430

Hi Maree,
I have an 11mth old Daughter she is thriving beautifully she was sleeping through the night from about 8 weeks however since she was about 7mths she has been waking through the night at least 2 - 4 times. We put this down to teething although the tooth only cut in the last week. We do have a busy lifestyle but I try to keep to a routine as much as possible. She wakes at about 6am and she is ready to have her first nap for the day at about 9am where she sleeps for about an hour. I usually put her down for her second nap at around 1 so that she is awake to pick up the older children from school. Of late its become more and more difficult to get her down for the afternoon and when we dont put her down she is ready for bed by 4.30 I try to hold her off for about another 1hr so that we can get her to sleep through the night however she is still waking usually around 1am and 3.30am
Could you give us some ideas please?

Answer: Hi, I am wondering how you are settling her when she wakes during the night? She is probably experiencing 8 months separation anxiety at this time and this won`t be helping, it is easy to create unwanted settling habits so would suggest you follow our It`s Time To Sleep settling program and resettle her using the techniques at this time. It`s difficult when you are picking up children from school but if she was sleeping better at night she may well be getting ready for just one good early afternoon nap. Do be guided by tired signs during any transition period through.You can get details for our It`s Time To Sleep settling program from Your Baby`s Sleep or www.itstimetosleep.com Cheers, Maree
Answered: 29 Jun 2009