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He will wake very early after only about 8 hours sleep

I have a 4 year old boy with a mild diagnosis of Autism, recenty we started on a gluten and dairy free diet and removed the night bottle from his bedtime routine. He now doesn`t start to get tired til around 10 or 11 where before he would be getting tired and ready for bed around 8. He has been coming into bed with me and toses and turns all and wants to play until he finally stops moving and falls asleep. My husband will then move him from our bed into his own bed. He will make very early after only about 8 hours sleep. He does not have an afternoon sleep, but even if he does it doesn`t seem to effect his night sleep. Do you have any suggestions or stregtegies i could try to get him back to self settling in hios own bed and having longer sleep overnight. This current pattern of behaviour has been occuring for a few months now, Thankyou for listening!

Answer: Hi, All children thrive on routine and boundaries set so if you can incorporate a regular routine this is best. Keep in mind when a chid falls asleep in one place and is transfered asleep and wake in another place they look for that same comfort to return to sleep again, so if you can get him ot fall asleep in his own bed fiirst and preferably on his own this is the best way. Best of luck. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 15 May 2009