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From your experience how much does teething affect there sleep

Hi Maree,
My son is 10months old and sleeps well during the night bed by 6.30pm and sleeps until 0600am and only only have to occasionally go into him...usually he is on his hands ans knees crying and I flip him over and walk out but for the last few nights my son has woken up to 6-10 times in the night (one night crying every 30-40 mins for 7 hours. He has mulitple teething erupting but how much can be blamed on teeth ? I gave him panadol and bonjela but not sure if it is teeth. We have recently started daycare (2 days per week) and sleeps poorly there, in the back of my mind I am worried it is because of this change in his routine. From your experience how much does teething affect there sleep. I do let him cry and can tell the difference between a cry when he is just sooking and tried but his cries are wild at times and I do find it difficult not to pick him up as I have never had to comfort him much at night. I am happy to do this if it is teething but if it is not I could be creating a problem for myself down the track.
Thanks Maree,

Answer: Hi Michele, Teething is certainly painful but it sounds like you really know what you are doing and you can do but little else when it comes to comforting him and keeping his pain under control. A cuddle unfortunately does not reduce pain but is likely to become a habit if it continues on for a few weeks. It could well have to do with the change of routine to daycare. I would say give him the benefit of the doubt and if it seems to be coming a habit after a couple of weeks try using our settling techniques and resettle him that way. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 15 Feb 2008