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How to achieve self settling success with a 13 month old?

Hi Maree,
Do you have any suggestions for how to achieve self settling success with a 13 month old baby boy who insists on pulling up alongside his cot every time we put him down to sleep. Until he was 11 months old we used a safety sleep, which obviously kept him contained. He has now learnt how to undo this, and enjoys the freedom of being able to sleep on his tummy. We have an excellent routine in place, which is consistently followed. For the past week (7 nights, including day sleeps) we tried controlled crying, going in, putting him back down every 3-5 minutes, no stimulus, just `goodnight darling` and leaving the room. He has pulled up even before you reach the door! The screaming went on for 1 hour 20minutes the first night, and over the course of the week the time only slightly decreased. We find this wrenching and gruelling, particularly as if we cuddle him for 10 minutes, he drifts off to sleep, and we don`t usually hear from him again until 12 hours later at 7am. We hear him self settling during the evening through the monitor.
Help! With thanks, Lisa.

Answer: Hi Lisa, You are lucky you get the 12 hours out of him mostly this would be a reason for waking frequently throughout the night. Controlled comforting is hard to do and not for everyone. If you are going to follow this way you need to be precise and consistent for the program to work. My son learnt in one day at 12 months. Our program offers a clear and reptitive message that it`s time to sleep. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 01 Mar 2008