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Some nights he is clearly aggitated from wind

Hi maree, luke is my third baby and we have had trouble with his sleeping since he was 5months old. He is on medication for wind and also on a diary free diet he has no allergies. he is always rocked off to sleep and i never let him cry very much because that can cause more wind, he also has a pacifier. He wakes between 2 -6 times a night and will often end up in my bed if I`m too tired. some nights he is clearly aggitated from wind other nights he will get none. He has on the odd night slept right through until 5am so he can get himself back off to sleep but I know there are bad habbits that need to be broken. He is now 15mths, any suggestions???

Answer: Hi, You are exactly right, he has sleep associations to go to sleep and unless you are prepared to work hard at changing them then not much will change on it`s own. Keep in mind what you are doing now is also very hard and tiring for both you and Luke. Sometimes understanding why a baby or toddler can`t sleep is half the battle. When a baby falls asleep in one place ( in yours arms your bed or you in their bed) and then transfers to another place or you leave, when they wake on their light sleep they look for that same comfort to resettle. When you teach a baby to fall asleep independently in their own cot they wake on their light sleep and can resttle themself back to sleep. Imagine you went to sleep in your bed and woke up in the bath, you`d get a fright and need to go back to your bed. It sounds like the dummy might need to go also. Our settling program offers a clear repetitive message that it`s time to sleep. It is lots of hands on but you need to be consistent with the techniques and for all sleeps and it can take a couple of weeks. I hope this information helps. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 01 Mar 2008