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She seems to want to feed all night long

I have a four week old baby who has problems settling at night. She has a bedtime routine of bath, massage and feed. She tends to fall asleep on the breast, but as soon as I put her to bed she is wide awake and crying, very unsettled, so I feed her again and the same thing occurs. We do this until we are both exhausted. She seems to fall asleep from exhaustion. Please is there a better way to approach this problem? She seems to want to feed all night long and I end up being quiet sore and tired.
thanks evelyn

Answer: Hi Evelyn, Fortunately there is a much better way and that is following a feed/play/sleep routine. This means feed baby when she wakes and due( a good feeding routine is 2,6,10,2,6,10) then you play with baby and watch for tired signs then as soon as you see the tired signs wrap and put baby to bed awake using our settling techniques. This teaches baby to fall asleep independently, you know she is not hungry she has had her feed and these are tired signs, by settling her straight away you avoid a tired baby falling asleep at the breast. I hope this helps. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 01 Mar 2008