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When he stopped sucking his thumb he lost the ability to put himself to sleep

Hi Maree, I have 6 1/2 mth old boy Harry. At five months of age, he was sucking his thumb, and able to put himself to sleep in the cot, day and night, as early as 7.30pm. Harry then stopped sucking his thumb, and in doing so has lost the ability to put himself to sleep without hysterical squealing and crying (rarely have we stuck it out long enough for him to go to sleep this way). His habit of recent weeks is to go to bed at 8pm, mostly assisted by us with cuddle/feed, and consistently awakens again 30 minutes later, ready to play and wide awake. It then takes us until 11pm to settle him. He will then sleep through until 8.30-9.00am, so getting up to 10 hours sleep. Have you found in your experience that waking a baby earlier in the morning helps to get them down earlier to bed at night? Perhaps we could get him up at 7am, which might at least get him down by 9pm?? It is hard for me to make myself wake him in the morning, as I use this time to hang out a load of washing and make my breakfast, perhaps spend a bit of time with 2 year old daughter. But I really would like him to go to bed earlier so we can !!!
Regards Kate

Answer: Hi Kate, No this won`t be the solution, you need to get him to sleep independently this will be the answer. When he falls asleep in your arms and wakes in the cot he can`t return to sleep without you. An overtired baby is harder to settle so start the techniques as soon as tired signs are displayed and if he wakes later you can resettle the same way. Try our settling program will take you step by step through the techniques. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 22 Mar 2008