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I ended up in the single bed with her!

Hi, My (nearly) two year old will not stay in her bed. about if not over a month ago she started climbing out of her cot so I took the side off as she was hurting herself. I put a safety side on her cot (kindof like a bed) at night she wanted me to sit there and old her hand while she went to sleep. this was ok but then it could take nearly an hour for her to go to sleep - I wouldnt talk to her but she still wouldnt sleep. Between 12 and 2 everynight she would and still does come to our bed so I let her in because I have tried lots to get her to go back to her bed and it would be an hour later and she would still not go to sleep so for my sake I let her in our bed. Although while she is in our bed she sleeps that close to me if not on me that I get no real sleep anyway. We have tried soft music and a dim lamp which gets her to sleep within 5 minutes now with me sitting outside her room but she is still waking and coming down to our bed. Her 4 year old sister has kindly lent her one of her beds for her room which has only been for last night but my 4 year old came down at 2 to our bed and then my youngest woke up so I ended up in the single bed with her. I am at a loss as to what to do now as I am so tired all the time which means I am not the most happiest of people and my 4 year old would just like some us time I think without everything being about the littlest one. Of course my husband sleeps through all of this.

Answer: Hi, She is winning the battle because she knows you will give in. If you are going to change this then you need to stay up all night if you have to for a few nights and keep putting her back over and over again. At night you need to have dinner bath quiet play 2 stories and good night. It`s not easy but she needs to know that your in control and children thrive on set boundaries. Best of luck Cheers, Maree
Answered: 01 Mar 2009