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It`s now 1.45am, we`re not having a great time

Hi, its now 1.45am. We`re not having a great time. I have a lovely 1 year old, my 3rd child. From 2 months until 8 weeks ago he slept through the night , every night until 7.30 - 7.45am, consistently. He would occasionally wake and cry for a couple of minutes and settle himself off to sleep, no problem. Since around 8 weeks ago, he`s had a bad run, teething, a cold, d`S & v`S, more teeth and then flu. He`s been waking most nights over the past few weeks, off antibiotics for one week, and this week its been terrible. he wakes and it obvious he desperately wants to sleep. I`ve rocked him to sleep twice in my arms and he`s slept all night. Tonight (and some other nights) everytime he`s nearly asleep he wakes and starts screaming all over again. Letting him scream has never worked with him (it did for my other children they eventually got the message). It seeems he is no longer able to settle himself and is desperate to do so ( as am I!!!!) any suggestions???

Answer: Hi, This situation happens so easily when baby has been ill and understandably so. Sometimes just letting baby cry it out doesn`t work for them and can be quite harsh, but with our settling techniques it is lots of hands on and offers a clear and repetitive message that it`s time to sleep. You know he is capable of sleeping through so it may not take long at all with a bit of persistence. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 22 Jul 2008